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  1. agent-Achika 27wk 3d ago

    GM Tsasu!
    Long time no talk.
    -How have ya been?
    I'm finishing up my
    Spring semester this very week.
    Won't know my final grades until
    next week though.
    Keep me in your prayers.
    -How's work or school?
    -How are Ur dogs?
    -I now want to buy
    another phone brand.
    Reason is because
    The foreign brands I
    originally wanted were
    put on the U.S.
    FBI/CIA/NSA list.
    Due to China's
    company Huawei
    among others not
    wanting to give the USA
    certain information
    regarding their popular
    phone brands. Ugh.
    the phone was:
    Huawei P20 pro,
    that's what I wanted.
    But after the scandal
    I decided against it.
    Then I wanted the
    budget friendly brand:
    Honor View 10.
    However upon reading
    reviews online, many
    users complained of
    USA apps not
    working on
    the devices
    & lagging.
    So I decided to play
    it safe; well as
    safe as U
    can get with
    a SSG device
    It's an SSG Note.
    However I plan on
    having someone else buy
    it for me as a gift.
    + I plan on buying
    it online but it will
    be a (certified refurbished)
    version NOT a new version.
    I want to save a ton of money.
    I am not paying
    a car note price
    for a phone.
    Just bcuz its refurbished
    doesn't mean it's old.
    Its the same reason I'm
    gonna use Cricket
    instead of expensive
    At&t service.
    I like saving money.
    -Do you still have the
    same phone?
    -Seen the new films:
    Black Panther &
    Avengers Infinity?
    -Big plans this Summer?

  2. agent-Achika 39wk 0d ago

    Gd morning Tsasu!
    -Yes I found ya hentai
    quesarito pic very
    entertaining lol.
    Your welcome.

  3. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator 40wk 1d ago

    Following your stellar participation in the February 2018 edition of Minitokyo Armageddon,
    you have been awarded

    http://i.imgur.com/fKVJ4kb.png THE LIEFELD BADGE FOR ARTISTIC HEROISM http://i.imgur.com/ZEq3LZd.png

    for daring to go where no piece of toast has been before!


    Use the code below to display it on your userpage:

    <center><img src="http://i.imgur.com/rAFEs1Y.png"></center>

    If it shows up as with a black background, use this in your userpage CSS:
    img { background: none; }

    Thank you for your participation, and looking forward to seeing you again next time! :^)

  4. elisadevelon Retired Moderator 40wk 4d ago

    Quote by BurnedToast

    Spoiler (show)

    http://media.giphy.com/media/jepcCHD12ov4c/giphy.gif That gif with the vamp licking her fang is from an anime tittle Bakemonogatari and the character name is Shinobu, hm.. she reminds me of this other vamp I know ;P

    I am more then sure it was pink cause I wouldn't have mind purple, and I agree purple is a must have on Halloween.

    Spoiler (show)

    Vampy you wanted to teach me to code or make another them? so what is it sempai xD

    What can I say , ya boi likes his subs ;P


    MAN! I thought I replied to this! Oh well D:

    I see. I started watching that anime some time ago but didn't really understand what was going on so I dropped it. Maybe I should give it another try :D

    Well I'm pretty sure it was purple cuz I don't do pink *pouts* If I did, I was prolly drunk and I apologize xD
    I'd have to first learn to code properly myself... If I knew how to code, I'd already have a new site coded 245321 times by myself and Sheq could go hide himself in a cave and never come out again hmpf!

    Oh yeah, also A+ advertising lmao

  5. Korra 42wk 4d ago

    What do u think of Utopia ?

  6. agent-Achika 43wk 0d ago

    Gd Mornin Tsasu!
    -I have not been viewing any anime series sadly
    due to my intense studies for quizzes & exams.
    -I saw the trailers you just posted, & The films:
    Thor Ragnarok, A ghost Story
    & The Killing of A Sacred Deer
    looked kinda boring & non-worthy
    of paying money on them my money.
    The 2 anime series: Violet Everlasting &
    Isn't Yoshizawa your boyfriend?
    look entertaining, the sci-fi movie
    Darling in the Franxxx seems meh.
    Have you seen the film
    Maze Runner: The Death Cure?I
    Or The Shape of Water?
    The films I wanna see this year is:
    Paddington 2,
    Replica, &
    The Cured.
    -Thanks a bunch for the code tip.
    It actually works, yay.
    -Glad your safe & wasn't effected by Hurricane Harvey.
    Storm Maria was horrible, bcuz it caused severe
    damage to the entire island.
    Many ppl are still without food or electricity 24/7.
    -How old is: Max, Zeus, & Chocolate now?
    Lol I forgot you had an extra addition to ur family.
    -Hmmm which phone are U consider buying?
    MUTE trailer: ( https://youtu.be/ma8te7ywEio )
    The CURED trailer: ( https://youtu.be/_EbBaNqNqv4 )
    Paddington 2 trailer: ( https://youtu.be/52x5HJ9H8DM )
    REPLICA trailer: ( https://youtu.be/Q9GO3pPbudA )

  7. agent-Achika 43wk 0d ago


  8. elisadevelon Retired Moderator 43wk 1d ago

    Quote by BurnedToasthttp://i42.tinypic.com/2rmunpg.jpg

    You did , it was really good but the colors were a bit girly for my taste. ;P
    Not much to be honest, Pengu did try helping me out here and there but never fully understood it. :/

    So, first of all, where's that image from? Please tell me.

    Secondly - pfffffffffft. I'm pretty sure it was purple and Halloween needs to be purple. xD
    Well, maybe one day...

    Anyway, lastly, I'm very glad we moved 'event' this to weekend. I can't imagine checking the galleries at work, especially with your 'crispy' submissions xD

  9. HatedAngel Retired Moderator 43wk 1d ago

    Quote by BurnedToast

    Quote by HatedAngel I see you've been endorsed by subway :0

    also AriZona tea ;P

    How much they paying you :0

  10. HatedAngel Retired Moderator 43wk 1d ago

    I see you've been endorsed by subway :0

  11. angelxxuan Banned Member 43wk 2d ago

    Quote by BurnedToast http://media.giphy.com/media/HNsiH5m3KxRE4/giphy.gif
    Oh, remind me to give Uber a treat next time i'm online for being a good boy. Yes ma'am, still kinda getting used to it i keep signing in as my old user now and then.

    That is true but it's harder to filter talks revolving politics then simply ecchi/adult themes. I think MT has a Mature filter does it not? I will say though that is unfair when they take down forums that have such politics talk on them, specially when people know what they are walking in to. So yeah I agree some users here are a bit 'thin skinned' but i mean what site doesn't have that type of users.

    You do post, that is contributing. heck i would go as far to say that users like you are the reason this site is still not completely dead.
    Well you are usually seen as the villain when you go against "higher people" or demand some sort of change but not everyone sees you that way, I admire that about you.
    Well i hope you don't mind if i take a glance inside your world now and then.

    not really, on other sites with heavy politics, they got mods in place and things goes smoothly and well, the mods are strict but not painful and can handle the "debates" and settles things well. they don't give out warnings that often, but they do delete the post and don't care a bit to tell them to calm it down. however, when your attention span is drama or porn and not able to debate politics in the first place, there's your problem. the mature filter is present, but it works from time to time, and as I have mentioned if one uses the dash (-) keystroke on ANYTHING, it will ping off and go against the mature filter. so, getting rid of said keystroke, and/or disabling it would fix the problem on so many levels, but, hey, that's just my opinion on coding webpages after all. yeah every site has thin skinned members, but when the so called mods are thin skinned that's when true dangers begin. previously I was attacked in the sb because I stated facts about Japan calling things comics and cartoons, made a post and showed that folks do call it cartoons and comics. but, thin skin mods are not a safe thing on a site, can truly destroy one's enjoyment of said site, in my opinion.

    I don't mind folks coming around to my profile, most times it's just me personally posting gifs, images or a meme here and there. wish my brain would shake some ideas loose that's for sure (regarding memes), but I have been known to post truths and facts, sometimes even news articles in the past that I have found. so it's hard telling what might be present, but it won't be porn, sadly my profile is porn free, don't care for the garbage and have been known to report it when someone has dropped it off. take care of yourself and have a good one.

  12. agent-Achika 43wk 4d ago

    Gd Evening Tsasu!
    -I've been fine.
    Just started school this week.
    I'll be transferring after this
    Year is up finally.
    How much longer do
    ya have until your done?
    -Seen any new films lately?
    See any new anime series?
    -I still plan on getting a new
    phone this year.
    I'm currently using a free govt phone.
    I absolutely hate it ugh.
    Hows your phone?
    -Do U know how I can paste
    gif images on ppls USP?
    Bcuz each time I try it fails
    to show up on their UP.
    a site I try using is:
    since photobucket stopped
    working for me sadly.
    -How is your dogs;
    Zeus & Chocolate?
    -Nope I never left just got
    busy w/my studies.
    However when I tried to
    contact you last year, U
    didn't respond to my msgs.
    -How are U surviving after
    Hurricane Harvey?
    Still living in Texas?
    Heard about Puerto Rico's
    massive storm called: Maria?
    Here is a gif example below:

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